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18th September, 6-7 p.m. CET

Predictable and safer GBR using NOVAMag® membrane

Dr. Giorgio Tabanella | Italy

The use of a novel magnesium membrane for a predictable and safer Guided Bone Regeneration technique.

Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is a bone grafting procedure that uses a barrier membrane to prevent soft tissue collapse and invasion by allowing bone growth. Nevertheless, the application of GBR procedures may lead to complications and the search for alternative approaches, modified techniques as well as biomaterials which contribute to the optimization of the clinical results and pose lower rate of complications has been the focus of dental research.

The membrane used for GBR is an essential component of the treatment, as it excludes the rapidly proliferating epithelium and connective tissue from the bone graft, thus promoting the growth of slower‐growing cells capable of forming bone. Resorbable membranes have the advantage of resisting infection after wound dehiscence and maintaining space supported by grafting material. On the other hand, non-resorbable membranes have excellent space maintenance properties and exert predictable bone formation abilities, although there is a higher risk of infection in case of wound dehiscence.

The NOVAMag® product line combines together the benefits of both resorbable and non-resorbable membranes. Due to its unique features, the NOVAMag® membrane offers a minimally invasive approach for patients, as the membrane is fully resorbed by the body. Moreover, no second surgical procedure is required for a membrane removal which reduces chair time. Nevertheless, the NOVAMag® membrane exerts mechanical strength, resulting in superior barrier function and stability to withstand pressure from the soft tissue.

The lecture will focus on the clinical performance of the NOVAMag® membrane in different clinical situations, from Socket preservation to Guided Bone Regeneration.



18th September, 6-7 p.m. CET

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Dr. Giorgio Tabanella