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STUDIE: mucoderm® for thickening of the peri-implant soft tissue (EN)

Zafiropoulos et al.
Changes of the peri‑implant soft tissue thickness after grafting with a collagen matrix.
J Indian Soc Periodontol. 2016 Jul-Aug;20(4):441-445.

Study aim and design:

The study determined the treatment outcome of the use of mucoderm® to increase soft tissue volume as a part of implant site development. 27 patients were randomly assigned to one of two groups: mucoderm® (test) versus no biomaterial (control). The soft tissue thickness was measured at two different points at surgery and after 6 months.


The results showed a significant increase of the soft tissue thickness (STTh 1 = 1.06 mm, 117%; STTh 2 = 0.89 mm, 81%) in the test group. Biopsy results showed angiogenesis and mature connective tissue covered by keratinized epithelium. It was concluded that mucoderm® leads to a significant increase of peri-implant soft-tissue thickness, with good histological integration and replacement by soft tissue and may serve as an alternative to connective tissue grafting.