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New publication demonstrated good physico-chemical properties of cerabone®, maxresorb® and maxgraft® (EN)

Trajkovski et al.
Hydrophilicity, Viscoelastic, and Physicochemical Properties Variations in Dental Bone Grafting Substitutes.
Materials 2018, 11, 215.

Study aim and design:

In this publication the physico-chemical properties of different bone grafting materials were analyzed and compared. The evaluated characteristics comprised viscoelastic and hydrophilic properties, micro structure and chemical composition.


– Viscoelastic measurements affirmed that maxresorb® and cerabone® blocks are highly rigid and brittle also following rehydration, while the molecular mobility and therefore elastic properties of maxgraft® indicated to be particularly beneficial.
– Analysis with a high speed camera showed that cerabone® and maxresorb® have the highest level of hydrophilicity, while blood uptake of Bio-Oss® and BoneCeramic® were much slower.
– Micro computed tomography (µCT) and scanning electron microscopic (SEM) analysis demonstrated the highly porous structure of cerabone®, maxresorb® and maxgraft® and rough surface characteristic of cerabone® and maxresorb®.
– Differences in the chemical composition of the bone grafts were demonstrated by infra-red spectroscopy (IR), x-ray powder diffractometry (XRD) and thermogravimetry. For cerabone® these analysis confirmed its high purity and crystallinity.

Full-text available here: