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Expert Meeting – mucoderm® REVIEW

On November the 25th, the 2nd mucoderm® expert meeting has taken place in Hamburg, Germany.

The aim of the meeting was to review the currently available clinical/scientific data, in order to set up further guidelines for the use of the porcine matrix in established indications and explore new fields of indications/limitations of mucoderm®.

To this end, botiss and Straumann invited seven experienced clinicians with different specializations. Prof. Dr. Adrian Kasaj (University of Mainz, Germany), Dr. Raluca Cosgarea (University Cluij-Napocca, Romania and Marburg, Germany), and Dr. Attila Horváth (University of Budapest, Hungary) presented their results obtained with mucoderm® in combination with the modified coronally advanced tunnel or the Zucchelli technique for the treatment of gingival recessions, showing predictable results for Miller class I and II recessions. Dr. Dominiki Chatzopoulou (University of London, UK) pointed out the potential benefits of combining mucoderm® with Emdogain®, particularly for compromised patients and smokers.

Dr. Alessandro Rossi (University of Milan, Italy) led the discussion on socket sealing, showing that mucoderm® can improve the soft tissue contours and maintain the mucogingival line. Dr. Christian Schmitt (University Erlangen, Germany) focused on soft tissue thickening, highlighting the easy handling and suturing of the matrix compared to competitor products. PD Dr. Dr. Peer Kämmerer (University of Rostock, Germany) presented the preliminary results of his on-going study on mucoderm® applied in vestibuloplasty.

We would like to thank all of our experts for the stimulating and fruitful discussion.

A detailed summary of the discussed points will be soon released.

Should you have any questions on the mucoderm® expert meeting, do not hesitate to be in touch with us at