New study on collprotect® membrane – successful application in the treatment of dehicence defects

Effect of deproteinized bovine bone mineral at implant dehiscence defects grafted by the sandwich bone augmentation technique. 

Shih-Cheng Wen, Jia-Hui Fu, Hom-Lay Wang. Int J of Periodontics and Restor Dent 2018 Vol.38/1.


Aim of the study was the comparison of the radiological buccal bone thickness at implant dehiscence defects treated by the sandwich technique or a modified version of it. 19 patients with dehiscence defects were included in the study. Defects of the control group were treated with an inner layer of cancellous allograft covered by a layer of cortical allogenic bone and the collprotect® membrane. In the test group the defect was covered with a third layer of bovine bone before placing the collprotect® membrane. While both groups achieved an adequate bone fill of the peri-implant bone defects, significant greater buccal bone gain was found for the modified sandwich technique.

The efficiency of collprotect® membrane as barrier to successfully treat dehiscence defects was confirmed.