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New study on periimplant soft tissue augmentation with mucoderm®

The Use of a Novel Porcine Derived Acellular Dermal Matrix (mucoderm) in Peri-Implant Soft Tissue Augmentation: Preliminary Results of a Prospective Pilot Cohort Study.
Papi P. and Pompa G. BioMed Research International 2018.


Study aim and design:

  • pilot prospective study to present the one-year follow-up results of mucoderm® in peri-implant soft tissue augmentation procedures
  • dental implants were placed in the upper premolar area of 12 patients, at implant uncovering after 8 weeks mucoderm® was inserted
  • the keratinized mucosa width (KMW) gain was considered as primary outcome variable


  • after 1 month, mean KMW was 7.86±3.22 mm (100%) with no statistically significant intragroup variations
  • no membrane exposures or wound healing complications occurred
  • during the postoperative phase and after one year mean KMW was 5.67±2.12 mm (72.13%).


  • The results of the present pilot study indicate that mucoderm® is suited to augment the periimplant soft tissue and that the results are stable over the assessment period of 12 months.