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STUDY: Long-term stable functional and aesthetic results following implantation and simultaneous GBR with maxresorb®

Lorenz et al.
Investigation of peri-implant tissue conditions and peri-implant tissue stability in implants placed with simultaneous augmentation procedure: a 3-year retrospective follow-up analysis of a newly developed bone level implant system.
Int J Implant Dent. 2017 Dec; 3: 41.

Study aim and design:

The study retrospectively analyzed the peri-implant tissue stability after implantation and simultaneous GBR with maxresorb® or pure beta-TCP material. 47 implants in 20 patients were clinically and radiologically evaluated 3 years after loading.


The implant survival rate 3 years after loading was 100%. Low median rates for probing depth, bleeding on probing, no osseous peri-implant defects and mean bone loss of 0.55 mm could be recorded. The authors concluded that implants placed in combination with a GBR procedure can achieve long-term stable functionally and aesthetically satisfying results.