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6 key uses for mucoderm® in implant dentistry : a clinical webinar

Success in implant dentistry has moved from osseointegration to achieving pink harmony with neighbouring teeth.

This can be established by preserving marginal bone stability and maintaining pink aesthetics. Soft tissue substitute , i.e. acellular dermal matrices (ADMs), offer a valid alternative to classical free gingival or connective tissue grafts in many indications at fraction of time and trauma when compared to autologous tissue grafts. mucoderm® is one of the most well researched and documented ADMs. This of the shelf porcine dermis can be useful in various clinical scenarios aiming to preserve peri-implant marginal bone level and boosting the peri-implant mucosa and therefore improving pink aesthetics.

This webinar presented by Dr. Hassan Maghaireh, a leading implant dentist and educator in the world of implant dentistry, will present multiple clinical cases demonstrating various tips and hints on utilising mucoderm® successfully as a key component in implant dentistry.

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