Damir Jelušić, DMD, PhD is one of the leading Croatian dental experts, certified at both the national and international levels. He is the vice president of the implantation section of the Croatian Society of Periodontology (HPD), and active member of a number of national and international associations: European Association of Osseointegration (EAO), International Congress of Oral Implantologist (ICOI) and Croatian Society of Dental Implantology (HDDI). Dr. Jelušić earned his DMD in Dentistry from the School of Dental Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka. He then went on to complete his specialization in periodontology at the Clinic of Dental Medicine of the University Hospital Center Zagreb. In 2014 he received his PhD title at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb. His PhD research focuses on dental biomaterials and their use in implantology. Along with academic education, for the past 15 years Dr. Jelušić has been pursuing numerous courses of professional specialization in the field of dental implantology. He completed the two-year Master of Implantology Education Programme at the Branemark Center, and the one year Master of Periodontology held by dr.Tinti in Italy. He actively participated in numerous courses, trainings and congresses of implant prosthetic rehabilitation held by world class lecturers. Dr. Jelušić’s state-of-the art private clinic focused on implantology and periodontology is located in Opatija, Croatia. He lectures actively at the national and international levels, and is a recognized speaker for many dental companies. Dr. Jelušić is author of several specialized and scientific articles in the field of dental implantology.


Damir Jelušić
Dr. Damir Jelušić