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A Comfortable solution

For the treatment vitamin D deficiency we recommend supplementing vitamin D3 + K2 in form of our spray – easy to take, effectively absorbable and scientifically tested.

The vitamins are solved in taste neutral oil suspension that is distributed very well in the mouth and reliably taken up through the oral mucosa. A quick solution, easy and practical to take as part of daily routine3.

Vitamin D…

  • promotes  the resorption of calcium, which is the basis for healthy teeth and bones 1,2
  • can reduce the risk of periodontal disease 3

  • promotes bone health and prevents osteoporosis 4
  • contributes to the strengthening of the immune system 5
  • optimal conditions for treatment


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The intake of vitamin D3 increases the calcium concentration in the blood – the body needs vitamin K2 to be able to utilize the calcium optimally 6. botissCARE D3+K2 Spray contains vitamin K2 in the form of menaquinone-7 (MK-7) with a guaranteed all-trans content of at least 99.7%, which has better bioavailability and longer half-life than other vitamin K forms 7.


botissCARE D3+K2 is tasteless, free of additives and colorants, vegetarian, gluten-free, allergen-free, lactose-free, without genetic modification.


The spray allows easy administration and dosage adjustment, as well as good absorption into the body through sublingual absorption.


  • Vitamins D3 + K2 contribute to the maintenance of normal bones 6.

  • Vitamin D3 contributes to functioning of the immune system as well as to the maintenance of  blood calcium levels 8.

  • Vitamin D3 contributes to of normal teeth development 9.
  • Vitamin K contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and normal blood clotting.


botissCARE D3+K2 spray is extremely productive: a single spray already provides 1,000 I. E. vitamin D3. Each bottle of 10 ml yields approx. 100 sprays.

Due to the delivery form as a spray, the dosage can be changed very easily depending on the recommendation. The dose can be easily adjusted individually depending on the test result.


The administration via sprays offers various advantages

Better absorption
A spray allows for direct absorption through the oral mucosa, which can lead to faster and potentially more efficient absorption of vitamins.

Better bioavailability
Because the spray is sprayed directly into the mouth, it partially bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, which may reduce the likelihood of digestive problems or breakdown in the digestive tract. This ensures better bioavailability of nutrients.

Synergistic effect
The combination of vitamin D3 and K2 may provide synergistic benefits for bone health. Vitamin D3 promotes calcium resorption, while vitamin K2 helps transport calcium to the bones and keep it out of the arteries 8, 11.

Convenient use
Sprays are often convenient to use, especially for people who have difficulty swallowing pills. They can be easily incorporated into everyday life. A spray is light and easy to use, especially on the go. It doesn’t require water and should not be taken with meals.

Nutritional benefits
The spray comes without additional gelatin coating.


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