100% synthetic PTFE barrier membrane

Exceptional 360° tear strength

Supports space maintenance

permamem® is an exceptionally thin, non-resorbable and biocompatible membrane. It is composed of biologically inert, high-density polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which acts as an efficient barrier against bacterial and cellular penetration, and can therefore be used for open healing in certain indications. In addition, an easy removal of the membrane is enabled as no adjacent tissue grows into it. permamem® maintains its structural characteristics both during the initial implantation and over the whole healing time 1, 2.


Since permamem® can be used for open healing in socket- and ridge preservation, primary wound closure is omitted and the soft tissue contours are maintained 3, 4. The missing flap closure avoids displacement of the mucogingival line thus preserving the attached gingiva. Likewise, the aesthetic outcome is improved as the non-surgical removal of the membrane after the healing time omits the need for big surgical incisions. After removal of permamem®, the primary healing process and the re-epithelialization of the regenerated soft tissue is completed within about one month.

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Product Specifications

permamem® is provided in the following dimensions:

Art.-No. Size Content
801520 15 x 20 mm 1 membrane
802030 20 x 30 mm 1 membrane
803040 30 x 40 mm 1 membrane


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permamem® is made of high-density polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is a non-resorbable, biologically inert and biocompatible material. The membrane fulfills the requirements of biocompatibility according to EN ISO 10993 and EN ISO 7405. The membrane comes into contact with bone and soft tissue and is categorized as a medical device Class IIb for continuous use for more than 30 days according to Directive 3/42/EEC.

Due to its inertness and denseness, adjacent soft tissue will only attach superficially and will not grow into or over the membrane. Therefore, a non-surgical removal of the membrane is possible in open healing procedures. Similarly, in case of a secondary exposure, i.e. a flap dehiscence, there will be no re-epithelialization over the membrane.

Thanks to its unique structure permamem® prevents bacterial biofilm formation on the exposed outer membrane surface when permamem® is used for open healing (or got secondarily exposed due to a flap dehiscence). Thus, during membrane removal the risk for contamination of the augmented area by accumulated plaque is reduced and in addition, the retrieval of the membrane is facilitated.

For the regeneration of bone defects outside the ridge contour, permamem® may be preferentially used because of its higher form stability. In socket and ridge preservation permamem® can be left exposed to the oral cavity as it acts as an efficient barrier against bacterial and cellular penetration thanks to its dense structure. Due to its synthetic character, permamem® is the membrane of choice for the treatment of patients with dietary or religious conflicts.

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