collprotect® membrane


Native dense collagen structure

No artificial cross-linking

Rough surface for cell adhesion

collprotect® membrane is a native collagen membrane made of porcine dermis, which is intended for dental bone and soft tissue regeneration. The natural, hemostatic effect of collagen enables early wound stabilization and supports the natural healing 1. Moreover, collprotect® membrane displays a good surface adaptation and tissue integration and is ideal for most indications where an intermediate stability and easy handling are required.


The validated and controlled manufacturing process removes all cells and non-collagenous components, while the natural collagen structure of the tissue of origin is being preserved. collprotect® membrane is a uniform membrane with a thickness of about 0.4 mm. Its dense collagen structure with natural pores efficiently prevents cells from migration into the defect area, while at the same time facilitating the fast ingrowth of blood vessels 2, 3. collprotect® membrane exhibits a quit homogenous structure that corresponds to the natural structure of the dermis, thus the membrane can be placed either side facing towards the defect.

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Product Specifications

collprotect® membrane is provided in the following dimensions:

Art.-No. Size Content
601520 15 x 20 mm 1 x membrane
602030 20 x 30 mm 1 x membrane
603040 30 x 40 mm 1 x membrane


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The certified manufacturing process of collprotect® membrane ensures the removal of cells, non-collagenous proteins and potential immunogenic components including bacteria and viruses. The intense purification process includes defatting of the tissue and treatment with different chemical agents that are used to eliminate possible pathogens as well as cellular and potentially immunogenic components. Following lyophilization, the end product is sterilized by gamma irradiation. Therefore, this membrane is a safe medical device that is regulated according to the EC guidelines with a standardized manufacturing process based on international standards (EN ISO13485).

collprotect® membrane is a native collagen membrane derived from porcine skin (dermis). The dermis is a deeper part of the cutaneous layer and a strong and flexible tissue based on collagen type I and III. The natural structure and biomechanical properties of the dermis are preserved during the manufacturing process. collprotect® membrane presents a dense collagen structure with natural pores that prevents soft tissue ingrowth, while promoting early revascularization 2, 3. The structural unity of the membrane therefore allows placement of both sides to face the defect without affecting its barrier function.

collprotect® membrane exhibits areas of a fibrillary structure within its dense collagen fiber network. These natural pores originate from the hair follicles of the porcine skin and become recognizable once the hairs have been removed. These pores facilitate the early ingrowth of blood vessels into the defect area through the membrane 2.

collprotect® membrane can be applied dry or after rehydration in sterile saline solution or patients own blood. Under dry conditions, the relative stiffness of the membrane allows an upright positioning into the defect or the socket, while filling it with a bone grafting material. After rehydration, the membrane becomes flexible, can easily be placed over the augmentation site, and adapts very well to the surface contours 4. Although collprotect® membrane supports suturing or pinning, in most cases a fixation is not required due to excellent adhesion- and adaptation properties.

A complete coverage of the defect is recommended at any time, since fast bacterial resorption significantly reduces the barrier and therefore the regenerative function of the collagen membrane. In unstable soft tissue situations, if a wound dehiscence is to be expected, or if the soft tissue does not allow primary closure, a collafleece® may be used to cover and protect the collprotect® membrane as well as the healing area.

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