alternative to autologous soft tissue

Rapid revascularization

Complete remodelling into patient’s own tissue

mucoderm® is an acellular collagen matrix that offers a safe alternative to autologous soft tissue transplants in a diverse range of soft tissue grafting indications. mucoderm® is derived from porcine dermis that undergoes a multi-step purification process, which removes all non-collagenous proteins and cells as well as potential immunogens, bacteria and viruses. The processing results in a three-dimensional, stable matrix, which consists of collagen type I and III with a natural collagen structure that resembles the human connective tissue 1, 2. After implantation mucoderm® is continuously remodeled into patients own soft tissue.


mucoderm® shows a high porosity and native collagen structure making it an excellent scaffold for ingrowing blood vessels and cells, thus supporting a fast revascularization and tissue integration 3. Attracted by the signals of activated migrating and proliferating endothelial cells, blood vessels from the surrounding tissue will grow into the matrix. At the same time, fibroblasts adhere and spread onto the matrix. The simultaneous degradation of the matrix and the collagen production of adhering fibroblasts leads to a complete substitution of mucoderm® by the newly formed host tissue within about 6-9 months 4-6.

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Art.-No. Size Content
701520 15 x 20 mm 1 x matrix
702030 20 x 30 mm 1 x matrix
703040 30 x 40 mm 1 x matrix
710210 Ø 10 mm 1 × punch


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The particular, certified multi-stage cleaning process of mucoderm® effectively removes all non-collagenous proteins and cells as well as potential immunogens, bacteria and viruses. Hence, mucoderm® is an absolutely safe and pure collagen type I and III matrix. mucoderm® is a medical device regulated according to EC-Guidelines. Manufacturing of mucoderm® is subject to a quality control system based on international standards (e.g. EN ISO 13485), and is regularly audited by the notified body and authorities.

mucoderm® is a native collagen matrix, meaning that the natural properties of the original tissue (dermis) are preserved during the production process. This is the basis for its superior handling properties such as tear resistance and dimensional stability. Preservation of the natural structure is also the reason that mucoderm® structure strongly resembles the architecture of the human dermis1, making the matrix a suitable alternative to autologous gingival transplants.

mucoderm® is characterized by a porous collagen structure, visualized by the innovative synchrotron-based X-ray tomography 7: Synchrotron-based X-ray tomographic microscopy for visualization of three-dimensional collagen matrices.

Synchrotron-based x-ray image showing the porous structure of mucoderm®

This unique structure makes mucoderm® an ideal scaffold for ingrowth of blood vessels and cells and promotes fast tissue integration and revascularization. Tissue integration and degradation were analyzed in an animal (rat model) study of Prof. Daniel Rothamel4. After only two weeks, mucoderm® shows an extensive ingrowth of blood vessels as well as an inflammation-free healing with superficial cell invasion. In the following four to eight weeks, a continuous degradation with increasing homogeneous cell distribution can be observed. After eight weeks, still 20% of the original matrix volume is available as a scaffold for the formation and reorganization of connective tissue. After twelve weeks, mucoderm® is almost completely replaced by newly formed connective tissue.

mucoderm® supports the maintenance and thickening of gingival tissue, which can be particularly advantageous in thin biotypes. The additional application of Straumann® Emdogain® during recession coverage with mucoderm® can:

  • improve the qualitative attachment10, 11;
  • stimulate angiogenesis12, 13 and thus improve the revascularization and integration of mucoderm®;
  • increase the quantity of keratinized tissue, which can be beneficial in case of lack or absence of keratinized gingiva 14.


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