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maxgraft® granules are allograft bone substitute from human donor bone, processed by the Cells+Tissuebank Austria with a special cleaning process (Allotec® process) and available in cancellous and cortico-cancellous form. Due to its preserved natural bone structure and collagen content, it serves as a scaffold for natural bone regeneration and has the potential of complete remodeling into patients’ own bone 1,2.


The cancellous structure allows an optimal revascularization and supply of vital cells and therefore enables a rapid regeneration of vital bone tissue1. By adding a compact and dense bone ratio to the cancellous granules (maxgraft® cortico-cancellous granules) a greater volume stability is given, which is useful in cases of for example off-contour augmentations. Depending on the defect size, maxgraft® granules will be stably incorporated within 3–4 months and enable therefore an earlier re-entry in comparison to other grafting materials 2.

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Due to its high biological regenerative capacity and complete remodeling, maxgraft® represents an alternative to the patient’s own bone. The need for a second surgical site is eliminated, surgical time is shortened, and postoperative pain and morbidity for the patient are significantly reduced.

Product Specifications

maxgraft® cancellous granules

Art.-No. Particle Size Content
30005 < 2.0 mm 1 × 0.5 ml
30010 < 2.0 mm 1 × 1.0 ml
30020 < 2.0 mm 1 × 2.0 ml
30040 < 2.0 mm 1 × 4.0 ml
30005S 0.25–1mm 1 × 0.5 ml
30010S 0.25–1mm 1 × 1.0 ml
30020S 0.25–1mm 1 × 2.0 ml
30040S 0.25–1mm 1 × 4.0 ml
30005L 1.0–2.0 mm 1 × 0.5 ml
30010L 1.0–2.0 mm 1 × 1.0 ml
30020L 1.0–2.0 mm 1 × 2.0 ml
30040L 1.0–2.0 mm 1 × 4.0 ml

maxgraft® cortico-cancellous granules

Art.-No. Particle Size Content
31005 < 2.0 mm 1 × 0.5 ml
31010 < 2.0 mm 1 × 1.0 ml
31020 < 2.0 mm 1 × 2.0 ml
31040 < 2.0 mm 1 × 4.0 ml
31005S 0.25–1mm 1 × 0.5 ml
31010S 0.25–1mm 1 × 1.0 ml
31020S 0.25–1mm 1 × 2.0 ml
31040S 0.25–1mm 1 × 4.0 ml
31005L 1.0–2.0 mm 1 × 0.5 ml
31010L 1.0–2.0 mm 1 × 1.0 ml
31020L 1.0–2.0 mm 1 × 2.0 ml
31040L 1.0–2.0 mm 1 × 4.0 ml


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maxgraft® granules are available in the form of both pure cancellous and cortico-cancellous granules. For the regeneration of bone defects, the cancellous structure enables rapid formation of new vital bone tissue, whereas the cortico-cancellous granules provide a higher volume stability. Greater volume stability is advantageous, for example, in augmentations outside the alveolar ridge contour. Depending on the defect size, maxgraft® granules are stably incorporated and partially remodeled within 3-4 months, thus enabling earlier re-entry compared to other bone graft substitutes 2.

maxgraft® is processed bone substitute material from human donors. All granules originate from femoral heads of living donors donated during hip arthroplasty surgery. Tissue procurement is standardized according to a predefined protocol and is performed by certified procurement centers. All tissue donations are made only after the donor has given written consent. In addition, the health status of the potential donor is assessed in advance as part of a risk analysis and the donor is then selected on the basis of strict exclusion criteria.

After a thorough analysis of the donors’ medical history, the high safety of maxgraft® is ensured by a series of stringent serological tests in combination with C+TBA’s  Allotec® purification process and final radiological sterilization.

C+TBA is certified as a tissue procurement facility and tissue bank according to §19 and §22 of the Austrian Tissue Safety Act.

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  • maxgraft® cortico


    A prefabricated cortical bone strut from human donor bone.

  • maxgraft® blocks


    Allograft bone substitute from human donor bone, processed by the Cells+Tissuebank Austria with a special cleaning process

  • maxgraft® bonebuilder


    A cancellous allogenic bone block made from human donor bone, individually adapted to the patient defect, which is prepared by Cells+Tissuebank Austria in a special purification process.


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