Optimizing bone augmentation procedures

Proper handling of biomaterials is a prerequisite for successful treatment. Thus, botiss provides the appropriate instruments for an easy handling in your clinical practice. 

  • botiss grafter


    The botiss grafter is an applicator specifically designed for dental use.

  • maxgraft® bonering surgical kit

    All necessary instruments for maxgraft® bonering

    With this surgical kit, botiss biomaterials provides all necessary instruments to apply the maxgraft® bonering.

  • cortico trimmer


    For the adaptation of cortical bone plates with the shell technique.

  • NOVAMag® Instruments

    Optimal handling for all magnesium products

    To ensure optimal handling of the NOVAMag® membrane and the NOVAMag® fixation screw, botiss has developed a range of NOVAMag® instruments in close cooperation with clinicians.

CONTROL AND COMFORT in the use of THE biomaterials

The instruments allow precise manipulation and adaptation of the bone grafts, cortical plates and membranes. For instance, botiss provides all the instruments required for the application of the bone ring technique within the maxgraft® bonering surgical kit. Furtherly, the cortico trimmer is intended to adjust the bone plate before oral placement. To facilitate surgeries with products of the NOVAMag® family, both NOVAMag® instruments and fully resorbable fixation screws are provided. 


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