NOVAMag® Instruments

Optimal handling for all magnesium products

To provide the best handling experience of the NOVAMag® membrane and NOVAMag® fixation screws

The NOVAMag® scissors and NOVAMag® sculptor are used to cut and bend the membrane prior to placement. Insertion holes for the NOVAMag® fixation screws are made using the precision drill and pilot drills 1.0, 1.2 and 1.35. The NOVAMag® drill rack provides a secure means of storing and transporting the drills, as well as facilitates the attachment process of NOVAMag® fixation screws to the NOVAMag® connector. To insert the NOVAMag® fixation screw, it is first attached to a NOVAMag® connector, which is then attached to a hand wrench before it is screwed into the insertion hole. After the screw is seated, the NOVAMag® safety cutter is used to remove the drive of the screws.

NOVAMag® scissors

The NOVAMag® scissors have a rounded blade to create a smooth, curved edge when cutting the NOVAMag® membrane. The high-quality blades of the scissors deliver long-lasting sharpness and consistent cutting results.

NOVAMag® sculptor

The NOVAMag® sculptor is a specially designed multi-purpose tool developed to prepare the NOVAMag® membrane. Its shape and size enable the user to mold the NOVAMag® membrane in a simple yet effective manner.

Once the NOVAMag® membrane has been cut to shape, the back end of the handle can be used to smoothen out the rim. The shaft can be used to bend the membrane into a rounded shape mimicking the ridge to be augmented, whilst the tip can be used for finessing contours of the membrane to match the profile of the augmentation site. The point of the tip can also be used to mark the planned fixation points when the membrane is positioned over the defect.

Precision drill

The precision drill is a sharp and precise drill for preparing bone and the NOVAMag® membrane for insertion of the NOVAMag® fixation screw XS. A laser engraved depth mark indicates the optimal drilling depth required for proper positioning of the fixation screw.

Pilot drills 1.0, 1.2 and 1.35

The pilot drills 1.0, 1.2 and 1.35 are used to create insertion holes for NOVAMag® fixation screw S-XL. The drills are designed to produce precisely sized holes, facilitating screw insertion without sacrificing screw stability.

The body of each drill bit is laser engraved with depth marks that correspond to the lengths of the respective NOVAMag® fixation screw sizes. Each drill is identified by engraved rings at either end of their shank (1 ring for the 1.0 mm Ø drill, 2 rings for the 1.2 mm Ø drill, and 3 rings for the 1.35 mm Ø drill). For soft bone, the 1.0 mm diameter hole should be sufficient, however for harder bone types, the use of the pilot drill 1.2 or 1.35 may be necessary.

NOVAMag® drill rack

The NOVAMag® drill rack holds and supports the pilot drills 1.0, 1.2, 1.35, the precision drill as well as NOVAMag® fixation screws XS-XL. Between surgeries, the NOVAMag® drill rack provides a secure means of storing and transporting drills.

During surgery, the drills are displayed in a clear and easily accessible manner, improving selection and changing of drill bits. The NOVAMag® drill rack also assists with the attachment process of NOVAMag® fixation screws XS-XL to the NOVAMag® connector.

NOVAMag® connector

The NOVAMag® connector is a single-patient-use device designed to enable the correct insertion of NOVAMag® fixation screws XS – XL.

Made from high-quality medical-grade PEEK, the connector is a strong and durable device that can transfer the necessary insertion torque to safely seat NOVAMag® fixation screws.

NOVAMag® safety cutter

After the NOVAMag® fixation screw S-XL have been seated, the NOVAMag® connector is disengaged from the screw, exposing the screw drive. In order to create a smooth and flat profile to the screw head, the drive should be removed using the NOVAMag® safety cutter. The NOVAMag® safety cutter is a plier with a built-in cavity for retaining the drive upon detachment.

Using the cutter is the most effective and safest method for removing the drive of the NOVAMag® fixation screw S-XL in situ. By holding the plier closed, the drive is retained within the plier cavity, allowing it to be safely extracted from the oral environment and disposed of.

NOVAMag® steri WashTray

The NOVAMag® steri WashTray perfectly holds all of the NOVAMag® instruments in a condensed and easily accessible manner for storage, transport and sterilization.

Product Specifications

Art.-No. Instrument Content
BT1003 NOVAMag® scissors 1/ box
BT1002 NOVAMag® sculptor 1/ box
BT2009 precision drill Drill 0.9, 1/ box
BT2010 pilot drill Drill 1.0, 1/ box
BT2012 pilot drill Drill 1.2, 1/ box
BT2013 pilot drill Drill 1.35, 1/ box
BT1004 NOVAMag® drill rack 1/ box
Art.-No. Instrument Content
74000 NOVAMag® connector 1/ box
BT1001 NOVAMag® safety cutter 1/ box
BT1005 NOVAMag® steri WashTray 1/ box
BT1006 NOVAMag® bundle:
1 x NOVAMag® steri WashTray
1 x NOVAMag® scissor
1 x NOVAMag® sculptor
1 x NOVAMag® safety cutter
1 x NOVAMag® drill rack


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  • NOVAMag® fixation screw

    Resorbable, biodegradable, magnesium metal alloy

    Ideal for securing barrier membranes, bone grafts and bone augmenting material

  • NOVAMag® membrane


    A completely resorbable, biodegradable metal membrane


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