Prof. Dr. Dr. Peer W. Kämmerer, MA is an oral, maxillofacial and plastic surgeon working at the University of Mainz, Germany as Medical Director of the Department of Oral-, Maxillofacial- and Facial Plastic Surgery. He received his medical degree at the universities of Mainz, Germany and Zürich, Switzerland. His dental degree was obtained in Frankfurt, Germany as well as in Mainz, Germany. He received both titles “Dr. med.” and “Dr. med. dent.” in Mainz, Germany. He entered residency in Mainz, went to Harvard University, Boston, USA as visiting assistant professor between 2012-2013 and got a position in Rostock, Germany, as consultant/ professor. Here, he received his “Privatdozent” and “Dr. med. habil”-titles. In 2018, he started working in his recent position in Mainz being Medical Director (Head: Prof. Dr. Dr. Bilal Al-Nawas). He is certified specialist for oral, maxillofacial and plastic surgery (medical degree), for oral surgery (dental degree), for special pain therapy in the head and neck area (medical), specialist for dental implantology (dental) and specialist for plastic surgery (medical). In 2016, he passed the EBOMFS-assessment and obtained the title “Fellow of the European Board of Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Head and Neck Surgery (FEBOMFS)”; besides, he obtained a “Master of Arts” degree at the University of Kaiserslautern on health economics. So far, he has written more than 300 peer-revied scientific articles and reviews covering the toics facial reconstruction, oral cancer, dental implantology including bone augmentation as well as local anesthesia. He is author of two german textbooks covering dental local anesthesia. Prof. Peer W. Kämmerer is Editor of “Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine”, “Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery” and Board Member of “Clinical Oral Investigations” as well as involved in several german journals.


Peer Wolfgang Kämmerer
Prof. Dr. Peer Wolfgang Kämmerer

CMF surgeon