Expert Talk

Dr. Peer Kämmerer about maxgraft® cortico

In this interview, Dr. Kämmerer describes the product maxgraft® cortico. He explains in which indications and how he would use this cortical acellular strut. He further shares his tips and tricks for the right fixation of maxgraft® cortico.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Peer W. Kämmerer, MA is an oral, maxillofacial and plastic surgeon working at the University of Mainz, Germany as Medical Director of the Department of Oral-, Maxillofacial- and Facial Plastic Surgery. In 2016, he passed the EBOMFS-assessment and obtained the title “Fellow of the European Board of Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Head and Neck Surgery (FEBOMFS)”. So far, he has written more than 300 peer-revied scientific articles and reviews covering the toics facial reconstruction, oral cancer, dental implantology including bone augmentation as well as local anesthesia.

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