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C+TBA Allografts: Presenting the Allotec® process

The significance of bone substitute materials of human origin is increasing daily all around the world. Fully traceable tissue origin and the safety of the final products are of utmost importance and must be granted by approved tissue banks. The Allotec® process, a gentle process with volatile agents only, has been proven to eliminate potential pathogens, without destroying the natural bone structure. Thus, C+TBA allografts exhibit excellent biocompatibility and outstanding handling properties without even a suspected case of disease transmission. Quality of live The Cells+Tissuebank Austria (C+TBA), located in Austria is one of the leading European tissue banks, specialized in the processing of living donor tissue. Almost the whole amount of the bone allografts have been actively donated from patients receiving total hip replacement surgeries for the purpose of providing safe and highly efficient bone grafts for other patients. The joint effort of tissue donors, orthopaedic surgeons and all employees at C+TBA has one aim: Provide quality of life for the patients! C+TBA allografts are available under the brand maxgraft® for dental application through botiss biomaterials and its distribution partners. Please contact your local botiss distributor for details.

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