Product Video

maxgraft® bonebuilder Order Workflow

The animation shows the general workflow from order to shipment of the dental bone graft maxgraft® bonebuilder (botiss biomaterials):

1. Export and upload of patient data in DICOM *dcm format as a .zip/.rar file
2. Upload of this file by creating a new order via your user account on including comments (area etc.)
3. botiss checks the DICOM data
4. 3D-Planning of the bone block
5. Design check by the surgeon via 3D-PDF, Feedback concerning adjustments
6. Final approval of the design by the surgeon
7. Sending the order form
8. Production (milling)
9. Shipment

maxgraft® bonebuilder is a customized allogenic bone block for two-stage alveolar ridge augmentation. Based on CT/CBCT scans of the patient, the bone block is virtually designed using the latest 3D-CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology. The individual design provides an optimal fit between local bone and graft, enabling rapid revascularization and fast graft incorporation.

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