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maxgraft® bonebuilder technology

The animation shows the general procedure of bone augmention using the maxgraft® bonebuilder (here shown a typical atrophy in the lower jaw). The ridge is too thin for a secure implant placement, the bone defect requires both a horizontal and a vertical augmentation. The individually designed allogenic bone block enables this complex horizontal and vertical augmentation by using the latest 3D-CAD/CAM technology. After proper soft-tissue mobilization, maxgraft® bonebuilder is placed on the recipient site and due to its individual planning fits perfectly to the patient’s defect. The maxgraft® bonebuilder is fixated with flat-headed osteosynthesis screws. A slow-resorbable barrier membrane is placed above the operation site to prevent the ingrowth of soft tissue and as protection against resorption. A tension-free, saliva-proof wound closure is essential to avoid wound dehiscence. The healing time is approximately 6 months and at re-entry the screws are removed and implantation can follow. With full bony ingrowth of the block, now there is enough space to place the implants.

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