Alveolar ridge preservation for compromised post-extraction sockets in the aesthetic zone – WEBINAR

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Implant dentistry has revolutionised the field of dentistry, offering a predictable and aesthetic solution for the replacement of missing teeth. The preservation of the alveolar ridge during tooth extraction becomes a critical factor in achieving ideal implant placement and optimising aesthetic results. Alveolar ridge preservation encompasses a range of procedures that aim to minimise the resorption of the extraction socket and maintain the volume and contour of the alveolar ridge.

Successful treatment requires careful case selection, meticulous surgical techniques and appropriate material selection. Additionally, a thorough understanding of the biological principles underlying bone and soft tissue healing is crucial for achieving predictable results.

Furthermore, challenges arise when considering implant placement in the aesthetic zone, where both functional and cosmetic outcomes are of utmost importance. Preservation of the ridge contour helps to maintain the natural emergence profile, supporting soft tissue stability and achieving harmonious integration between the implant and the surrounding gingiva. Additionally, different concepts of creating the stable foundation for accurate implant placement are contrasted.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand biological principles of post-extraction sockets and dimensional changes that require alveolar ridge preservation
  • Acquiring technical and surgical protocols to handle compromised sockets
  • Understand how to differentiate biomaterials to accomplish long-term functional and aesthetic outcomes