Bone Augmentation and Simultaneous Implant Placement with Allogenic Bone Rings and Analysis of Its Purification Success

Giesenhagen et al. (2019). Materials 2019, 12, 1291; doi:10.3390/ma12081291

CASE REPORT of  #maxgraft® bonering shows successful regeneration of alveolar bone with a predictable clinical outcome, functionality and esthetics in different clinical indications.

The main objective of this manuscript was to demonstrate the use of freeze-dried bone allografts (FDBA) by means of a technique of simultaneous bone augmentation and implant placement (“Bone Ring Technique”) in different indications, i.e., ridge reconstruction and sinus floor elevation procedure with a maxillary bone height of less than 4 mm.

Moreover, cases with an up to 3-year follow-up were chosen to analyze the techniques of mid-term clinical success. Finally, the purification success of the FDBA was analyzed by means of established scanning electron microscopic (SEM) and histological methods. The FBDA bone ring was applied in three different patients and indications and presented; the healing success was analyzed on the basis of radiographical and clinical images.
For analysis of the purification of the allogeneic bone, previously established histological methods and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) were applied.

All analyzed patient cases showed that the FDBA-based bone ring was fully integrated into newly built alveolar bone. Furthermore, the observations revealed that the three-dimensional bone reconstructions in maxilla and mandible were stable within the observational period of up to 3 years.

Altogether, the present data show that the application of the Bone Ring Technique using the FDBA rings allows for successful regeneration of alveolar bone with a predictable clinical outcome, functionality and esthetics. Moreover, the material analyses showed that the allogeneic bone tissue was free of cells or cell remnants, while the (ultra-) structure of the bone matrix has been retained. Thus, the biological safety of the FDBA has been confirmed.


Bernhard Giesenhagen

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