Immediate implant placement using cerabone® – 8-year follow-up – SURGERY

Dr. Eslava demonstrates the implant-supported restoration of a fractured tooth in the aesthetic zone. The patient presented with a root fracture of the upper right central incisor and having a very high smile line with metal ceramic crown restoration of the dentition. The case was treated by immediate implant placement using cerabone® mixed with PRF for periimplant bone augmentation. The grafted site was covered with PRF membranes. The evolution of the case showed healthy gum tissue around the implant with no gingival recessions. The CT scan at 8 years post-surgery demonstrated the presence of bone even over the implant platform.

Dr. Eslava is a specialist in periodontology and oral medicine. Since 2001 he became a professor in the postgraduate programs of periodontics and osseointegration in different academic centers in the city of Medellín, Colombia. He is currently the director of Perinova, Dental Implants and Gingival Cosmetics.

cerabone® is a 100% pure bone mineral of bovine origin. Thanks to its non-resorbable properties, it protects the augmented site against resorption thereby contributing to a good aesthetic result and a long-term stable outcome.