Ridge preservation in the aesthetic zone using cerabone® plus and autologous soft tissue graft

Dr. Schwartz-Arad demonstrates the treatment of fresh extraction sites in the anterior maxilla with the goal of supporting the soft and hard tissue to maintain an implant-retained bridge. After removal of the remaining teeth, the alveoli were treated with a palate-derived connective tissue graft placed and sutured to the inner buccal aspects and then filled with cerabone® plus using an applicator. Sites were covered with autologous fibrin membranes, finally. The clinical outcomes at 4- and 6 months (radiograph) demonstrate a satisfactory and stable situation.

Dr. Schwartz-Arad is specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS) and holds a Ph.D. degree in cancer research, anatomy and embryology. She is the Founder and President of “Conflict and Dialogue” study club and is heading the Schwartz-Arad Continuing Education center. Dr. Schwartz-Arad is the owner and senior OMS of Schwartz-Arad Day-Care Surgical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.