14. February 2024

Award-Winning Innovation: botiss NOVAMag® Portfolio

botiss biomaterials GmbH has been honored with the AEEDC Dubai Awards 2024, winning the category of “Excellence in Clinical Product/Equipment”. This recognition celebrates our groundbreaking new products from the NOVAMag® portfolio, marking a significant milestone in the field of dental regeneration.

The NOVAMag® product line represents our commitment to driving dental innovation. The resorbable magnesium products (membranes and screws are available in different sizes) are set to transform clinical approaches, offering unparalleled possibilities for dental procedures.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to AEEDC Dubai for this esteemed honor and thank our valued customers for their continuous support.


With NOVAMag® we introduce new regenerative solutions which eliminate the need for secondary interventions. The membranes and screws, available in various sizes, provide mechanical strength while being completely biologically resorbed within a few months, enhancing patient comfort and reducing treatment time. The unique advantages of the NOVAMag® membrane can be summarized as follows: synthetic material, mechanically strong but easily shaped, and completely resorbable.

Dr. Giorgio Tabanella (Italy) reports about his experience with the NOVAMag® membrane:

“I think it could be a new way to lower the level of difficulties in guided bone regeneration. So that every dentist can perform guided bone regeneration when it’s needed.”

The NOVAMag® membrane can be cut and shaped and can be fixed using the NOVAMag® fixation screws. Several scientific clinical papers1-8 demonstrate the ideal suitability of this combination for protecting bone defect cavities during bone regeneration and maintaining the positioning of autologous bone and bone graft materials. The NOVAMag® fixation screws also yield optimal results in stabilizing barrier membranes, autogenous bone blocks, and bone graft materials. Independent of the membrane, this already makes the screws a gamechanger for planning and performing surgical procedures.

Development, Exchange of Experience and Clinical Results

Following seven years of meticulous research and development, the initial CE approval was granted in 2021 as part of a limited market release. Since then, botiss has been working intensively with clinicians in user workshops and meetings to share experiences and explore the potential of magnesium for oral regeneration. This has repeatedly brought new applications and extraordinary results to light: Some clinicians report faster bone regeneration than with titanium-reinforced membranes, others that despite dehiscences, infections do not occur and treatment can be successfully completed.

Prof. Gavriel Chaushu of the Rabin Medical Center at Tel Aviv University (Israel) sums it up:

”Materials completely resorbed after four months entry yielding unexpected bone volume vertically and horizontally way beyond our expectations. The products are a true breakthrough and will change bone grafting immensely.”


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