11. June 2016

botiss is Gold Sponsor at the Osteology in Monaco

Gold sponsor botiss biomaterials celebrated its premiere at the Osteology and convinced with an innovative booth concept earning a lot of interested looks and leading to a lot of conversation about the broad range of biomaterials for hard and soft tissue regeneration.

The performance of botiss biomaterials was completed by providing 2 Gold Sponsor Workshops. In his course Prof. Dr. Adrian Kasaj addressed different techniques for soft tissue management and practiced harvesting of a subepithelial connective tissue graft, a free mucosal graft and the application of an acellular dermal matrix that prevents unnecessary pain for the patient.

Besides Prof. Dr. Adrian Kasaj, we also thank PD. Dr. Markus Schlee and Jan Kielhorn for an inspiring workshop about 3D bone augmentation. PD Dr. Markus Schlee started the session, explaining the special properties of allogenic bone transplants and showed remarkable results that he achieved with CAD/CAM fabricated patient matched bone blocks.

Jan Kielhorn showed that also for the shell technique allografts can be utilized, leading to predictable and reliable results, without having the hassle of donor site morbidity and complications associated with harvesting autogenous bone.


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