6. February 2024

Dental health, immune system and bones – vitamin D and its positive influence on the body

The current study situation clearly shows how diverse the effect of vitamin D can be. Various diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neurological disorders are often associated with a vitamin D deficiency 1.

Vitamin D plays a significant role in health by contributing to the regulation of a healthy immune system and the maintenance of defense functions 2,3. Furthermore, vitamin D is of immense importance for calcium balance and bone metabolism and supports intestinal calcium absorption 4. An adequate supply of the steroid hormone therefore helps to prevent osteoporosis 5. Conversely, a severe vitamin D deficiency impairs adequate tooth growth and the correct formation of tooth enamel 6,7. It is therefore all the more important to have an adequate vitamin D level and, if necessary, to supplement it in order to promote remineralization of the tooth surface and correct tooth growth 8.

People with inadequate vitamin D levels are also more likely to have poorer periodontal health and more inflammation 9. These inflammatory events are detectable in saliva, which contains more inflammatory markers when vitamin D deficiency is present 10. This further emphasizes the potential of vitamin D to prevent periodontal inflammation. Especially in the defense against disease-causing pathogens, the steroid hormone is able to stimulate the production of antimicrobial peptides, thus supporting the body’s defense functions and potentially preventing the formation of harmful plaque 11,12. Vitamin D also influences tissue growth, angiogenesis and inflammatory processes in cancer cells, so that vitamin D with its anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory properties could possibly slow down the progression of cancer 13,14. Even in the orthodontic field, vitamin D is becoming increasingly important, as more and more studies suggest the influence of vitamin D on tooth movement 15,16.

In summary, it can be shown that an adequate vitamin D level is important for bone remodeling and the immune system. It is therefore crucial to adjust vitamin D levels to enable optimal bone health and regeneration.


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