28. March 2023

Perspectives for Oral Regeneration – botiss Introduces New Biomaterials

botiss biomaterials GmbH impresses with innovations in bone regeneration, treatment comfort, and optimization of systemic factors for therapy success.

The international driver of innovation in the field of dental biomaterials, botiss biomaterials GmbH, is enriching the dental market with three groundbreaking new solutions, which the company presented at a press conference during IDS. NOVAMag® membranes and screws made of resorbable magnesium enable new regenerative measures while avoiding the need for secondary surgeries. cerabone® plus, the exclusive mix of bovine bone and hyaluronate directly out of box, is captivating the field of dental bone regeneration with its excellent handling properties. botissCARE provides a simple and fast point-of-care solution to optimize vitamin D levels and thereby improve oral regeneration.

Innovations for Optimal Solutions in Every Situation

In the holistic treatment of bones, soft tissues, and aesthetics, suitable and coordinated biomaterials make an essential contribution to the construction and regeneration of oral tissues as well as support in surgical procedures. Dr. Svenja Rogge, Head of New Developments and Techniques at botiss, explains, “We work closely with scientists and clinicians to continuously develop new solutions that meet the requirements in practice.” Since its founding in 2009, the Berlin/Brandenburg-based company has been expanding its portfolio, with a recent focus on biological factors and their influence on wound healing. Now botiss impressed the dental community at the IDS and most recently at the German ITI Congress with the two new products NOVAMag® and cerabone® plus, which support tissue regeneration with their special physical properties. Additionally, a product line for testing, analysis and supplementation of vitamin D is offered from now on.

Stable and Absorbable Magnesium for GBR

The NOVAMag® product line includes membranes and screws that are completely resorbed within a few months. This eliminates the need for secondary interventions for removal and increases comfort for patients and practitioners. Dr. Giorgio Tabanella (Italy) explains, “Compared to titanium meshes and titanium-reinforced membranes, the handling is definitely easier.” The unique material properties and the combinability of individual NOVAMag® products with other biomaterials open up new treatment options for a variety of indications.  Dr. Akiva Elad (Israel) presents the “Magnesium Membrane Shield Technique” as an alternative to the invasive and time-consuming gold standard for this treatment. In his recent publication, the technique demonstrates the straightforward use of this novel material  and enables an uncomplicated introduction to the novel material1.


The Plus for Handling and Performance – Bovine Bone with Hyaluronate

Hydrating, shaping and applying – with the combination of long-term stable granules and biopolymer, cerabone® plus is captivating the field of dental bone regeneration for some time. As the only xenogeneic bone substitute material with hyaluronate directly from the blister, it forms a “sticky bone” after hydration, offering unique application comfort. Dr. Rafael Block Veras (Germany) explains, “The product is very comfortable to use and apply intraoperatively.”

For Prof. Anton Sculean (Switzerland), the biopolymer as an important component of connective tissue is interesting for regenerative dentistry for one more reason: “Hyaluronic acid has been shown to enhance the proliferative, migratory and wound healing properties of cell types involved in soft tissue wound healing, thus pointing to its potential indication in oral reconstructive procedures.” Dr. Koray Feran (United Kingdom), who uses cerabone® plus in many clinical situations, adds: “soft tissue healing over it has been excellent.”

Measurement and Optimization of Vitamin D – A Success Factor for Oral Regeneration

The importance of vitamin D for the health of oral soft and hard tissues has been widely recognized. Dr. Miguel Stanley (Portugal) emphasizes that vitamin D is essential for the normal functioning of cells involved in wound healing and regeneration and may reduce the risk of complications after oral procedures and accelerate the healing process. Dr. Stanley has been regularly measuring his patients’ vitamin D levels for the past four years and urges his colleagues at the botiss press conference to do the same. He states, “As doctors of the oral cavity, when performing complex surgery, we should measure vitamin D, supplement it, and provide this additional support to our patients.”

Instead of a blood draw by a general practitioner and time-consuming laboratory diagnostics, botissCARE offers a simple and reliable vitamin D testing system that provides results in just 15 minutes directly in the clinic using a drop of blood from the fingertip. If a vitamin D deficiency is detected, which is the case for over 50% of the European population, the high-quality vitamin D3+K2 spray allows convenient supplementation, creating an optimal foundation for subsequent treatments. Dr. Jochen Tunkel (Germany) agrees, stating, “In my practice, the botissCARE system represents a valuable new component in my implantological and periodontological treatment concepts.”



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