Kuala Lumpur

30 Mar 2019

30 Mar 2019 | Kuala Lumpur

360° of regeneration – significance of a diversified and innovative product portfolio

30th March 2019 (Saturday)
TIME: 6.30pm – 9.30pm


Today, a multitude of different bone grafting materials are available that offer attractive alternatives to the patient’s autologous bone. In addition, there’s a widespread use of various membranes and other collagen-based materials that support bone and soft tissue regeneration. All of these materials demonstrate distinctive properties, based on their origin and the production process, that result in certain advantages or disadvantages, depending of the specific situation.
The need for a complete system of biomaterials can be demonstrated on a very common indication like the treatment of extraction sockets. The choice between a simple collagen sponge like collacone® or a long-term stable grafting material like cerabone® and their combination with a resorbable collagen membrane, a non-permeable membrane like the permamem® or the soft tissue graft mucoderm® largely depend on the defect configuration (intact or defect socket, soft tissue situation), but also on the preferences of the patient as well as the surgeon. In addition, there are much more demanding clinical indications that nowadays can be treated with biomaterials. Hence, the many expectations made of the “ideal” bone graft or the “ideal” membrane cannot be met by one single product. This is the reason why botiss offers a broad portfolio of different biomaterials enabling the clinical user to achieve optimal and predictable results in every situation.

In this lecture the scientific basis for the use of botiss biomaterials and their special physico-chemical and biologic properties as well as current studies stating their success will be presented. Furthermore, the indication based application of the products will be discussed based on clinical cases.

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