Augmentation with allogenic and autogenous bone struts and consecutive relining in a split-mouth design

(Original Title: Augmentation mit allogenen und autologen Knochenplatten und konsekutivem Relining im Split-Mouth Design)

Tunkel J, de Stavola L. Zeitschrift für zahnärztliche Implantologie (Deutscher Ärzteverlag) 2019, 35, 2–11

In this case report, the shell technique with both autogenous and allogenic bone struts (maxgraft® cortico) was used for vertical bone augmentation in an atrophied mandible.


A 61-year-old female patient had a pronounced bone atrophy in both quadrants of the mandible, which had to be rehabilitated by bone augmentation for a later prosthetic implant restoration. In order to avoid the burden of a second retromolar bone harvesting, one quadrant was built up using the shell technique with autogenous bone struts and the other quadrant using the shell technique with allogenic bone struts (maxgraft® cortico). After a 4-month healing period, implantation with additional GBR procedure (augmentative relining) with cerabone® and Jason® membrane was performed.

Results and conclusion:

After another 4 months healing time, the implants were exposed. Vertical bone augmentation using the shell technique with autogenous and allogenic bone struts led to equivalent results. maxgraft® cortico is therefore a valid alternative to autogenous bone blocks. By means of a special relining technique, the alveolar ridge could be further optimized and protected from possible later resorption processes after the prosthetic restoration.


Case report in German as PDF

Jochen Tunkel

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