CLINICAL CASE     |   12/2022

Treatment of a maxillary cyst with cerabone® and Jason® membrane

Dr. Dario Mari

A female adult patient was complaining about swelling and pain in the upper left maxilla. She could not even wear her denture. CBCT confirmed a huge cyst in the left cuspid area, but other minor cysts were present in other sites of the maxilla. After full thickness flap from molar to molar, the lesions were excised with a sharp surgical spoon to keep them as intact as possible. The residual bone cavities were curetted and rinsed with saline water and antibiotics (Metronidazole). GBR procedure was performed filling the gaps with cerabone® (granule size 1-2mm), covered by a Jason® membrane, which was fixed by titanium pins. The flap was sutured with PTFE sutures. The histology confirmed the initial diagnosis of residual cysts after tooth extraction. After 9 months healing time, four implants were placed.

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