Case series on horizontal GBR with cerabone® and Jason® membrane using the Periosteal Envelope Flap postulated by Steigmann et al.


Periosteal Envelope Flap as a Technique for Horizontal Bone Augmentation: A Case Series Study.
Arab S, Reza Arab H, Aghaloo M, Shiezadeh F, Tajik S, Moeintaghavi A. (2018). The Open Dentistry Journal. 12. 995-1003.

The goal of this clinical study was to evaluate the effect of the periosteal pocket flap in horizontal GBR.

22 patients with a mean ridge width of 2.94 mm were treated by GBR using a periosteal envelope flap according to the protocol by Steigmann et al. Following detachment of the periosteum from the bone, a pocket was created to accommodate the bone grafting material (cerabone®) and barrier membrane (Jason® membrane). The periosteum was sutured to the membrane and the flap was closed tension-free. Ridge width was measured prior augmentation and 4 to 6 months post-surgery using CBCT.

Healing was uneventful for all treated patients. A statistically significant mean gain in ridge width of 2.53 mm was achieved 4 to 6 months post-operative allowing for the placement of dental implants.

The authors concluded that the periosteal pocket flap in conjunction with GBR, using Jason® membrane and cerabone®, is a suitable technique to increase the width of the alveolar ridge.

Sepideh Arab

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