Product Video

cerabone® plus – Sticky bone out of the blister

With cerabone® plus botiss has developed a bone substitute that combines the established bovine bone grafting material cerabone® with the well-known properties of hyaluronic acid. In this video the advantageous properties of cerabone® plus as well its preparation before use, including the proper hydration of the product, are presented.

Hyaluronic acid as an important component of hard and soft tissues, has increasingly raised attention in many medical applications, not only because of its biological activities but also due to its physico-chemical properties, making it an attractive agent for the biofunctionalization of bone grafting materials. cerabone® plus is the first bovine bone substitute with hyaluronate on the dental market. Given the unique properties of cerabone®, cerabone® plus is the first bone grafting material combining long-term volume stability with the proven properties of hyaluronic acid.

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