cerabone® supports the preservation of the alveolar ridge as demonstrated by a new study


Effectiveness of naturally derived bovine hydroxyapatite cerabone® combined with platelet-rich fibrin matrix in socket preservation: A randomized controlled clinical trial.
Kollati P, Koneru S, Dwarakanath CD, Gottumukkala SN (2018) Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology. 10.4103/jisp.jisp_400_18.;type=0

This controlled clinical trial aims to evaluate prevention of alveolar ridge resorption by socket grafting using cerabone® in conjunction with PRF.

23 patients were treated in a split-mouth design with one extraction site augmented with cerabone® and PRF (test), while the contralateral site was subjected to atraumatic extraction alone (control). The test site was sealed with a collagen sponge. Alterations of ridge width and -height were evaluated clinically and radiographically at baseline and six months post-extraction.

Mean ridge width loss was 2.75 ± 1.49 mm at untreated sites and 1.47 ± 1.44 mm at the sites that did underwent a socket preservation procedure. The mean reduction in buccal height was 0.96 mm at the test sites and 2.26 mm at control sites, mean reduction in lingual height were 1.04 mm and 2.17 mm respectively. 2.31 mm more bone fill was observed at the test sites, which was statistically significant.

The authors concluded that the described socket preservation procedure is a reliable method that minimizes alveolar bone loss.

Prathyusha Kollati

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