Efficacy of coronally advanced flap technique with collagen matrix mucoderm in covering multiple recessions – preliminary results

Wiench R, Ilków A, Gilowski Ł et al. 2019. J Stoma 2018; 71, 6: 478-482.,137,36820,0,1.html

The clinical study evaluated the short-term outcome (3 months) of root coverage using CAF + mucoderm for the treatment of multiple recessions.

Materials/ Methods:
12 patients with overall 38 recessions in the maxilla and mandible were treated. Periodontal parameters, such as CAL, RD, RW, RA, KTW and CEJ-MGJ were analysed.

Mean displacement of the bone graft particles six months post-operative was significantly greater in the test group (3.8±3.1 mm) than in the control group (0.5±0.4 mm)
Post-operative morbidity was significantly more pronounced in the test group (pain 3.3±1.4/swelling 4.3±4.5) than in the control group (2.1±0.9/2.7±0.9)

All main parameters led to a significant decrease of the recessions in comparison to the baseline. The recession depth decreased from 2-0.5mm, the width from 3.5-1.4mm and a gain in the width of keratinized tissue was obtained, as well.
The treatment of Miller class I and II recessions defects in maxilla and mandible resulted in successful average root coverage of 87% after 3 months. The complete root coverage was 47%.

Dr. Rafał Wiench

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