Immediate implantation and lateral augmentation with cerabone® and Jason® membrane – SURGERY

Dr. Siebers demonstrates in this live surgery an immediate implant placement approach after the extraction of teeth in the anterior maxilla.
Dr. Siebers is a founding member and first Chairman of the Dental Study Group Berlin eV. Since 1991 he maintains a private practice in Berlin and since 2003, he is a specialist in implantology of the German Society for Dental, Oral and Orthodontic Implantology (DGI). Following atraumatical teeth extraction in the anterior maxilla, three implants are immediately placed and contoured with autologous bone chips. The remaining sockets are filled with bovine bone grafting material, cerabone®. The whole alveolar ridge is contoured with cerabone® again and then covered with a naturally long-lasting collagen membrane, Jason® membrane, according to the principles of Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR). PRGF matrices are applied additionally in a final step. Proper suturing
and wound closure are demonstrated finally.

Derk Siebers