Immediate placement and restoration of a new innovative fully-tapered implant replacing central and lateral incisors

Dada K, Pariente L, Daas M, Montenero J. (2019) International Dentistry – African Edition Vol. 8, No. 6, p. 48 – 54.

This case report describes the use and performance of a newly developed implant in immediate implant placement.

Methods: Teeth 11 and 12 of a 52-year old patient were diagnosed hopeless and extracted consecutively. First, tooth 11 was extracted and an immediate implant placement procedure was performed using a Straumann® BLX Implant. Following implant insertion, a temporary abutment for the crown was installed and the gap between the implant and the buccal bone wall was augmented with cerabone® granulate. Finally, a screw-retained temporary crown was installed. Three months later tooth 12 was extracted and a socket preservation was performed using cerabone® and an autologous soft tissue punch. Two months following healing the final prosthetic restoration was done using a zirconia cantilevered implant supported bridge.

Results and Conclusion: The gingival contours were well preserved ten months post-surgery. The authors appreciated the advantages of an immediate implant placement procedure, which are a reduced treatment time and less surgical interventions. The use of a volume stable bone graft were considered favorable in preserving the ridge dimensions. Installation of an implant supported provisional crown in the described procedure helped maintaining the gingival contours and allowed the patient to have fixed provisional at the day of the surgery. The authors highlighted the importance of an intact socket and a sufficient primary stability of the implant for the described surgical procedure. 

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Karim Dada

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