Innovative regenerative therapy approach: L-PRF – WEBINAR

David M. Dohan Ehrenfest

Among the many technologies developed to improve our current therapeutic strategies in periodontology and implant dentistry, the use of biomaterials promoting tissue regeneration is an important path of research. Platelet concentrates for surgical use, often called PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) were widely tested since 1998, with the hope to improve healing through the release of platelet growth factors. However, these PRPs offered mixed clinical results, and their use remains scarse and controversial in oral and maxillofacial applications. On the contrary, the use of another family called Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) is now developing very quickly, as this material is easy to use, very useful and efficient in most oral surgery situations, easy to prepare and inexpensive. L-PRF is a strong fibrin-based membrane rich in growth factors and healing cells. In this lecture, we will develop the basic knowledge about PRP and PRF, explain their differences and particularities, and illustrate the many clinical opportunities offered by the use of L-PRF in periodontal surgeries and implant-supported rehabilitations.

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