CLINICAL CASE     |   11/2023

Large horizontal augmentation using the fully resorbable metal NOVAMag® membrane & cerabone®

Dr. David Botond Hangyási

Substantial bone resorption around tooth 27 (FDI notation system), led to root exposure and furcation involvement. Pre-operative x-ray confirmed bone resorption around the tooth. Tooth extraction resulted in a severely compromised buccal wall. NOVAMag® membrane was cut and bent to shape, and positioned to bridge the defect over the buccal wall. A convexity was created using the membrane to substantiate a large horizontal bone gain, and the defect was filled with cerabone® granules. A second piece of NOVAMag® membrane was cut with rounded edges and placed on top of the augmentation to retain the graft granules and to protect the defect space from collapse. The site was then closed with primary intention using a soft tissue graft harvested from the palate. After a five and half month healing period, reentry revealed a dense and well vascularized bone that supported the insertion of a dental implants in position 26 and 27 (FDI notation system). The original shape of the augmentation had been retained, demonstrating the capability of the NOVAMag® membrane in combination with cerabone for maintaining volume for bony regeneration.

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