Product Video

maxgraft® bonebuilder in maxilla including semi-pillar incisions by Dr. Dr. O. Blume

This animation is based on a true clinical case (surgeon Dr. Dr. O. Blume, Germany) using maxgraft® bonebuilder, a customized allogenic bone block in the esthetic zone of the maxilla.

The special remote semi pillar incision shown here helps to achieve proper soft-tissue mobilization and tension-free, saliva-proof wound closure for large bone defect augmentations. After preparation of the recipient site and moderate perforation of the cortical layer, the customized allogenic bone block is placed on the bone defect and fixed with a flat-headed osteosynthesis screw. Additionally void volume should be filled with bone grafting material of the surgeon‘s choice (not shown here).

A barrier membrane is used to cover the augmented site for Guided Bone Regeneration. Finally the wound is sutured tension-free and saliva-proof. The healing time is approximately 6 months.

Dr. Dr. Oliver Blume is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with a private practice in Munich/Germany, where he focuses on implantology and complex bone defect augmentation. He is a Visiting Professor at the Semmelweis University Budapest/ Hungary and Founding Member of the European Centers of Dental Implantology (ECDI). Dr. Blume participates in different projects for the treatment of cleft lip/ cleft palate and is President of the subvisory board of the German Cleft Child Aid Society.