New trends in the treatment of gingival recessions with mucoderm® and Emdogain – WEBINAR

Adrian Kasaj

Periodontal plastic surgery – Do we still need autologous transplants?

For many patients periodontal recessions are nowadays an aesthetical problem that could lead to hypersensitivity and root caries. Harvesting of autologous connective tissue from the palatine and its transplantation in connection with the advanced flap technique is still considered the gold standard for the surgical treatment of periodontal recessions. Disadvantages of connective tissue grafting are not only the need for a second surgical site  associated with donor site morbidity due to tissue grafting from the palatine, but also the limited availability of donor material. Today, a possible alternative to the autologous connective tissue transplant is the use of an acellular dermal collagen matrix (mucoderm®) of porcine origin. In this talk, the application of mucoderm® and its possible combination with enamel matrix proteins (Emdogain®) in the treatment of gingival recession will be presented on the basis of clinical cases. Moreover, additional possible applications for mucoderm® as an alternative to autologous soft tissue grafts will be discussed.