Reducing invasiveness & guided perio-implantology – WEBINAR

Andrea Pandolfi

The aim of this webinar is to show a reduced invasiveness approach in live surgery of a perimplantis treatment in combination with the benefits of amelogenine application for rapid and painless wound healing.

The aim of modern implantology is to reduce the invasiveness of surgery reducing the time of treatment to the patient and especially to optimize the final prosthetic result and long term maintenance. Today, the clinician can use software for implant-prosthetic planning and tissue regeneration. It can also use a multimedia platform for the appropriate choice of regenerative approach and indications for the use of biomaterials.

Today, it is possible to control and treat perimplant infections by transforming “implantoprotetic failure” into a “new clinical success” to the full benefit of the patient oral health maintanance. The regenerative treatment of perimplant defects is possible with good therapeutic prospects in the medium and long term. As documented in the literature, patients treated with Straumann TL implants have a lower correlation with biological complications. And if these occur, they can be treated successfully.

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