Hong Kong

30 Mar – 01 Apr 2023

30 Mar – 01 Apr 2023 | Hong Kong

Soft Tissue Management in Implant Dentistry

Every day 9:00 am to 5.00 p.m.

Soft tissue management prosthetic soft tissue development

The main purpose of this course is to explain, demonstrate and teach soft tissue development around implants in fixed single and multiple implant placement.

  • Abutment design for ideal soft tissue support
  • Pontic design for aestthetic soft tissue development
  • Emergence profile design for crown and abutment
  • Different Wax-ups modalities
  • Aesthetic Try-ins for different therapeutical phases
  • Crown margin definition
  • Gingiva-management with temps Mock ups

Clinicians will learn how to build treatment plans based on individual circumstances. They will learn to utilize modern prosthetic technology for reconstruction of soft tissue for single and multiple implants. The participants will get to plan prosthetically and aesthetically the position of the Implant.

  • Strategy and procedures on Prosthetic implant planning
  • Abutment selection single tooth (chairside & lab side)
  • Abutment selection multiple implants
  • Special double cast preparation for soft tissue development in the aesthetic zone
  • Comprehensive hands on training
  • Video surgical demonstration
  • Live demonstration

Soft tissue complications and full arch restoration

  • Preventing and repair of soft tissue complications around implants
  • Gingival recession around implants – how to repair
  • Papilla development after papilla loss
  • Prosthetic soft tissue solutions
  • Peri-implantitis diagnostic: Non aesthetic zone & aesthetic zone
  • Treamtent of peri-implantitis in the aesthetic & non aesthetic zone
  • Compression necrosis
  • Prevention and maintenance of margical bone loss

Soft tissue management for vertical augmentation

Participants will exercise on pig jaws vertical augmentation for the anterior maxilla and posterior mandible Hands on pig jaws

  • Anatomical implications for vertical augmentation
  • Grafting material
  • Soft tissue management for vertical augmentation in the madible – thick biotype vs. thin biotype
  • Buccal flap management & lingual flap manipulation for small and high volume augmenation
  • Soft tissue management for vertical augmentation in the posterior maxilla
  • Soft tissue management for vertical augmentation aesthetic zone
  • Grafting materials for the maxilla
  • Incision flap design for vertical augmentation in the aesthetic zone
  • Suturing techniques for vertical augmenation dependent on the location
  • Incision flap design & suture for vertical augmentation – mandible: incision & buccal flap management – lingual flap management
  • Suturing techniques – tension suture / reposition suture
  • Incision flap design flap preparation & suture for vertical augmentation in frontal maxilla