Soft tissues are back to the roots – WEBINAR

David Botond Hangyasi

Back to the roots: short overview of different procedures introduced for root coverage and gingival augmentation in the last decades.

With time, thanks to developing techniques, not only the procedures, but even the goals have changed. Besides the quantity, the quality became more predictable. This is how “aesthetical outcome‎” became as important as “the percentage of the coverage”‎.
Up-to-date periodontal plastic surgery: recently, even regeneration can be considered as an option. The use of pedicle flaps, bilaminar techniques and connective tissue grafts made complete root coverage achievable even in difficult cases with buccal plate dehiscence or severe soft tissue loss. The appearance of 3D soft tissue grafts (collagen matrix) offers the possibility of transforming gingival biotype even without the use of autologous donor tissue. The use of biomaterials promoting periodontal regeneration (EMD) can be promising in these cases. Yet, there is no existing technique applicable to every case, but suggestions, based on periodontal parameters are available to help us in our clinical practice.

Learning Objectives:

The lecture aims to show different solutions for different cases from the everyday practice.

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