Study on a modified technique for sinus floor elevation with cerabone® and Jason® membrane

Using Absorbable Gelatin Sponge to Facilitate Sinus Membrane Elevation during Open Sinus Lift: Technical Notes and Case Series
Samieirad S, Eshghpour M, Tohidi E, Jouya A, Soufizadeh R, Kermani H. Journal of Dental Materials and Techniques, 2018; (): 1-7. doi: 10.22038/jdmt.2018.11873

The goal of this case series was to evaluate a modified method for sinus floor augmentation using a gelatin sponge for Schneiderian membrane elevation.

28 patients underwent lateral sinus floor augmentation. A gelatin sponge was used to facilitate elevation of the Schneiderian membrane. Elevated sinus membranes were covered with Jason® membrane and the sinuses were grafted with cerabone®. Implants were placed simultaneously and loaded six months post-surgery and the healing course was followed another six months.

For all treated patients uneventful healing during the whole observation period was observed. None of the patients experienced infections, sinusitis, and graft or implant failure clinically or radiographically. CBCT analysis confirmed that the sinuses were lifted and augmented effectively. The authors concluded that gelatin sponge-assisted sinus floor augmentation is a safe approach to facilitate sinus membrane elevation in patients with hyper-pneumatized maxillary sinus or moderately resorbed posterior maxilla.

Sahand Samieirad

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