CASE OF THE MONTH     |   06/2024

Immediate implantation after fracture of 2.4 – soft tissue management using mucoderm®
Dr. Sileno Tancredi

A patient presented with a fracture of 2.4. The tooth was extracted and an implant was placed immediately in the socket together with bone grafting with cerabone® plus to fill the gap around the implant neck. Submerged implant placement was performed and the implant closed using a cover screw.
Afterwards, mucoderm® was positioned slightly below the marginal gingiva and sutured with simple sutures to stabilize it. The matrix was intentionally
left exposed. Following implant uncovering and full healing of the site, a permanent crown was placed one year after extraction. The regular follow-ups show a stable clinical situation with excellent soft tissue conditions with a good emergence profile.

The „Case Of The Month“ highlights every month a clinical case, which distinguished itself by the clinical results or the treatment concept in combination with the applied botiss biomaterials. The selection of the case is based on content relevance and quality of the documentation.

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