12 Jan 2023

12 Jan 2023 | Paris

Optimizing your first guided bone regeneration in the aesthetic area: the keys to success

in the framework of the Nextgen Dental 2023

Time: 9:00-12:00

In the anterior region, the demands and expectations of patients are often high.
Thus, approaching bone reconstruction for the first time in aesthetic areas is particularly difficult as it requires not only obtaining a bone volume compatible with the placement of dental implants but also with the aesthetic characteristics.
In order to compensate for post-extraction resorption, different approaches have been proposed to manage short and medium-term defects. Guided bone regeneration is one of these techniques, with a clinical experience of almost 30 years.
Nevertheless, in case of high aesthetic demand, there are surgical and prosthetic specifications in order to optimize the results.
The purpose of this practical work will be to learn about guided bone regeneration and to analyze the various points aimed at maximizing the aesthetic results of this technique, from the incision layout, through the choice of biomaterials, to the stabilization methods.

Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile (Porte Maillot)
3 Place du Général Kœnig 75017 Paris France

Pack 3 days 2 2 Workshops of choice: 1300,00 €
Pack Practitioners 2 days of conference: 600,00 €
Pack Students 2 days of conference: 350,00 €
Pack dental Assistants 2 days of conference: 350,00 €
Pack dental Prosthesists 2 days of conference: 350,00 €

Language: French


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