2. April 2023

The Plus for Bone Regeneration: Outstanding Handling and Performance

cerabone® plus is captivating the field of dental bone regeneration:
The unique biomaterial offers an exclusive mix of bovine bone and hyaluronate directly out of the box.

cerabone® plus is supplied already pre-mixed in a blister for convenient use and, after hydration, forms a sticky bone material that provides unique application comfort by allowing both easy up-take and delivery to the site of application.


Volume stability meets hyaluronic acid
cerabone® plus consists of the established bovine bone substitute cerabone® and the biopolymer sodium hyaluronate. Both materials have been in use for more than 20 years in various medical applications.

Thanks to the unique high-temperature treatment, cerabone® offers a bone mineral of exceptional purity, high strength and thus excellent volumetric stability, which is valuable for the permanent structural support of the local hard and soft tissues.

In addition to its well-known beneficial properties, hyaluronic acid has also structural and space-filling functions and plays an important role in repair processes. Prof. Dr. Anton Sculean, Director of the Department of Periodontology at the University of Bern (Switzerland), explains: “Hyaluronic acid has been shown to enhance the proliferative, migratory and wound healing properties of cell types involved in soft tissue wound healing, thus pointing to its potential indication in oral reconstructive procedures.”


Malleability enables excellent application comfort
The hyaluronate in cerabone® plus forms a viscous solution after hydration thanks to its pronounced water binding capacities, which results in the bone granules being bound in a connected mass with malleable texture. Unique in the field of dental biomaterials, cerabone® plus is thus the first sticky bone out of the blister.

In the clinical practice, the excellent handling properties of the material enable efficient defect augmentation, time-saving application, as well as easy defect contouring, and help to minimize the displacement of single particles during application. Implantologist Dr. Andoni Jones (Ireland), one of the first users of the product, enthuses about its properties: “It‘s amazing how fast the cerabone® plus is prepared (much quicker than any other sticky bone) and how well it performs in the mouth.”


The hyaluronic acid is resorbed, stable bone remains
After augmentation, the contained hyaluronic acid is completely resorbed by enzymatic degradation within the first few weeks. The bovine granules in cerabone® plus provide an osteoconductive scaffold for bone forming cells promoting osseous regeneration.

Since the cerabone® granules are integrated into the newly formed bone they will remain permanently in the augmented area and thus provide long-term volume stability to the grafted site.

Various application options
The combination of volume stability and biological component, together with the superb handling features, offers a wide range of applications both for bone regeneration procedures around teeth and dental implants, as demonstrated by the results of a randomized clinical trial1.




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