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botiss biomaterials and ITI signed a longterm partnership

The two partners have agreed on a collaboration in the field of regenerative oral medicine


In a new initiative, the ITI partners with selected companies to better provide their more than 18.000 members with a comprehensive spectrum of scientific, clinical and application-oriented information. Oral medicine has been experiencing an increasing diversification of materials and techniques over the past years and is continuously gaining new insights into the mechanisms of action and biological/medical fundamentals. In addition to the selection of the most suitable implant system, experts are increasingly focusing on a personalized choice of biomaterials and techniques in the field of bone and soft tissue regeneration.

botiss biomaterials is known for its significant investment in research and training. Recently launched unique innovations include cerabone® plus, a combination of bovine bone graft and hyaluronic acid, and NOVAMag®, the first CE-marked magnesium-based biomaterials line specifically designed for oral applications. The worldwide partnerships of botiss with renowned academic research institutes, global opinion leaders and practitioners in their daily clinical environment, as well as the continuous demand-driven development of new products, are the basis for the company’s concept of high-quality education and training.

“Regenerative procedures are often complex according to the SAC classification and thus require meticulous planning and constant review of the chosen treatment plan. Together with the ITI we aim at providing guidance for the clinicians in choosing treatment options and materials which are most predictable, least invasive and enable fastest possible rehabilitations of the patients.” announces Dr. Benno Buchbinder (Managing Director Markets).

According to Alexander Ochsner (ITI CEO), this is one of the reasons why the ITI is establishing closer relationships with botiss biomaterials and other globally active partners in the dental industry. “This global ITI initiative embodies a long-term, mutually beneficial commitment with diligently selected companies that share similar educational and scientific, evidence-based principles as the ITI. We are very pleased to welcome botiss biomaterials on board as a select partner in the field of regenerative oral medicine”.

The agreement includes knowledge transfer in the field of oral regeneration at national as well as international ITI events. Furthermore, botiss biomaterials will support the ITI and its community with educational materials as well as scientific and clinical content about the multiple facets of oral regeneration.